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We never heard about your company. Who you are?

Christchurch Airport Transfers Limited is a franchise of Airport Transfers Holding Limited who held 60% of shares. Rest of the shares is being held by individual, Mr Roman Petrlik, who has been appointed as a director of the Christchurch Airport Transfers Limited.

At the moment, we are new company on the taxi-industry market. But don’t be mistaken or in doubt – competency of our Director and his excellent knowledges about taxi-industry can assure everyone that our company will bring the fresh brief into the Dorset county. And what more: we are interested about all new technologies, so all our customers can expect we will implement new technologies in accordance with all regulations to provide modern service as well.

Where is your base located? Can we visit your office to make an booking?

As mentioned above, we are innovative and modern company so we have office located at Hurn airport, but the best way how to make an booking is – very probably – in your packet;  your mobile phone. Simply use our application designed for smartphones and feel free to  arrange booking for an airport transfer or in-the-city private hire service. It’s really easy!

And as another way you can use our website booker. It’s very similar with our smartphone application, but for some customers this website booker can be seen like more suitable, with the same functionality.

Finally, everyone can use our land-line phone number 01202 836090 to call us.

What services does your company provide?

Airport transfers is our main service we are provide in the Dorset county. At the moment we are cover transfers to the Southampton Airport, Southampton Docks, Portsmouth Docks, Heathrow airport, Luton airport, Stansted airport, Gatwick airport, Bristol airport, Birmingham airport, Poole Docks and Exeter airport.

In the very close future we would like to provide local private hire service as well.


I would like to book an journey with you. How can I do it?

As mentioned above, customer can book his journey through mobile phone application, website booker or – is it’s necessary, over the land-line. The first two options are coming with instant confirmation, for bookings via phone customer have to wait for call-back with booking status confirmation which will be made within 24 hours.

Is there any way how to amend booking made?

Of course. If the booking has been made via mobile phone app, simply log-in to the app and select the booking you would like to amend – and that’s it! If amendment will not be in the conflict with assigned driver or vehicle timeline, the changes you made will be confirmed as instant. If the system will indicate any timeline conflict, your changes will be flagged as PENDING for confirmation. Then, we will take a deep look over this timeline conflict and we will get in touch with you to discus our possibilities.

The booking amendment via website is literarily the same – just visit our website, log into your account and select booking you would like to amend. The confirmation process is exactly the same like for mobile phone app used like described above.

I made an booking with you and need to cancel it. How should I do it?

However it’s not good message for us, we are with full respect of our customers so booking cancellation is possible of course. Simply send us an email with booking reference number and we will cancel your booking ASAP. You can also call us on the land line number and cancel your booking over the phone as well.

But in this case you have to know that if there was any deposit paid during booking, we will not refund this deposit as it covers our administrative and profit loss. Only extras paid can be refunded.

Why you do not make any refund from deposit paid? It’s very unfair game you playing with the customers!

We are very small, independent company. Every customer is important for us, every booking count. However we are in respect with our customers and their rights to cancel booking customer made, the fees we have to pay for every transaction cause financial damage to our business. In the same meaning we can not cover booking cancelled like bigger competitors on the market.

We offer the best prices for airport transfers on the local market. Every booking cancelled means we losse profit.

For this reason we decided to do not refund deposit paid (or refund 70% from amount paid only).

Our booking has been made via TripAdvisor and our price looks higher like prices advertised here on the website. Is it all right?

Yes, that’s correct. The reason we are using TripAdvisor to offer and promote our airport transfers service there is very simple: they bring to us four times more customers like our direct website booker. And we have to pay commission fee to the TripAdvisor, logically. If that commission fee were been covered by us then we will run our services under operational expenses and we will go into a financial loss very quickly, with significant operational impact.

This is a reason why prices offered on TripAdvisor are and always will be higher like our prices advertised here.

We are about to cancel our booking, we made it through TripAdvisor. How is refund procedure?

The payment process is fully managed by TripAdvisor. If you would like to cancel your booking made with TripAdvisor then please contact their customer service and they will sort it out for you.


We have been involved by very heavy traffic on motorway and we missed our flight. How can we get compensation?

Our drivers are professionals – they riding their cars on daily basis through all traffic conditions we can imagine. So ideally we know in advance about potential risks could happened on the journey. And we will give you a call with notification that (in example) we recommend change departure time to avoid potential troubles. Another point is that our drivers, they know very well how to avoid congestion on the motorway if it is possible.

So we arrive to the final destination on time in 99.99% of the journeys realised.

But sometimes can happened the driver had no any option how to go around, there were no any possible way how to avoid heavy traffic, congestion or accident happened. And we understand the customer can be very upset with something like that – really, we do.

According to this, when we are talking about traffic or weather conditions, we have no option how to compensate our customers for missed flight or missed gate closing time. We are very sorry with everyone involved, but our PLI doesn’t covers any damage caused by the traffic or weather conditions.