The drop-off point for Bournemouth airport is at the Car park, row C, 2 minutes away from Departures. There is a drop-off fee of £3.50p payable. This fee will be added to the ride fare.



Your driver will arrive at the airport 15 minutes after the real landing time and will wait for you at the car park, row C. After exiting from the arrival hall please follow the footpath on your right-hand side, use the road crossing and enter the car park on your left-hand side. Row C will be just in front of you. There is a fee of £3.50 (30 minutes of waiting) payable, this will be added to your ride fare. Please call the driver for help or further assistance. If the 30-minute waiting time is exceeded, an additional fee of £3 will be added to your final bill (covers 60 minute waiting time).

Meet & Greet:

Your driver will wait for you inside the arrival hall. We do use Tablet to show your name and flight number (or final destination). If you can not find your driver, please call the driver for assistance.

Ride fare from/to Bournemouth Airport:

There is a fixed fare of £15 (excl. parking fee) for the blocks shown in the picture below. For rides from or to the Bournemouth airport for address located outside these blocks, fare based on the distance between the airport and the address will be used (excl. airport parking fee).