Commercial repatriation service from UK to Slovakia No 2

After the first trip to Slovakia, I was still worried about the company future. As Covid-19 the disease was gaining strength, I had no idea where to grab the money to keep all company bills on time. I have got a chance to go back to work as a part-time worker in the COOP at Sandbanks where I worked until November last year, but I knew that will not enough. I should remember one quote, we do say in my country, in the Czech Republic: “People think (about something), life changes (everything)”. Very true…

Last passengers, I drove for them to Slovakia they did spread positive words over the Facebook – and however I felt happy with that, it was mad. Just a one day after the last ride I answered dozens of calls with the same request: “Can you arrange another journey to Slovakia please?”. So I did.

Just three days after my return from the very first commercial repatriation job, another one was arranged. But that second one was a bit complicated: I was about to drive to  Beaconsfield services at M40 highway near London where passengers will join. Then the journey will continue through London to Ramsgate and Dover. 240 miles all-together, 5 hours on the road. And then through Europe to Reißigmühle (again…) which was another 800 miles!

I was really in doubt if it’s possible to complete this journey without any damage, safely in comfort for passengers…

And it was not all I was worried about. As I am based in the South-west, we do change our winter tyres at the beginning of March usually – ant that’s it what I did. But then, on that day of the journey, when I was waiting for passengers at Beaconsfield services, I saw this:

Snow! End of March 2020

And because Reißigmühle village is located in the mountains, I have got apprehension about weather conditions there – and I was right.

The journey was arranged with the same conditions as the first one was – that’s a mean full-managed trip, passengers got all documents necessary for transit through Europe (declaration of travel purpose), with water, coffee or tea served during all-time on board and like on the first trip, rest of the journey throughout the Czech Republic was managed by Private hire company from the Czech Republic as well. All things did look OK. Until our arrival to the Reißigmühle. Why? Because of this:

We do not see snow very often in Bournemouth, so I should be happy – as I was not…

At the beginning of March, I did not expect any Covid-19 outbreak. I did not expect any travel to Europe and I did not expect to travel to the mountains and all of that was a reason I did change winter tyres for summer tyres. So you can imagine my consternation about weather conditions on the route.

On this video, you can try to listen to my fear as I tried breath under pressure – I felt scarred really:

So last 300 yards to the cross-border I was about to ask my passenger to continue this distance on foot as I was really in doubt about safety on the road. Fortunately, all of us survive these conditions and I was about to return home.


Service type: Private Hire – Commercial repatriation service, full-managed trip, journey price £900

Passengers: 4

Miles drove in total: 2100

Time on the road: 39 (rest time +13)

Traceroute: Bournemouth – London – Dover – Dunkirk – Belgium – Netherlands – Germany (Reißigmühle)