Commercial repatriation service No 4

That was the most challenging ride I’ve ever taken during the Covid-19 outbreak time. Both directions were covered,  one from the UK to Slovakia then return journey from Slovakia to the UK. And it was a ride full of surprises!

The ride from the UK to the SK took a turn crazy at the beginning, when the third passenger, Juraj, pointed out to us the dark and frightening fact that every time he goes somewhere, “something” happens. And as an example, he cited his journey somewhere in Slovakia by train, which started to burn during that journey, and then, when he fled from the raging flames, something from an overhead line fell on him. Well, we laughed at that (hahaha) and headed for Dover. The fun passed me the moment when an empty plastic 20-litre barrel flew out of somewhere on the A2 motorway and swung it into the front of my car.

Man who rises his hand si the Hell-master, Juraj

I then very politely suggested to Juraj he should pack his five plums (here in the UK we do use “you can pack and go…”) and buy a bus ticket. The fact that I burned the driver’s seat on the same road with the connector from the kettle, I already take as a sad and irreversible fact supernatural.

The return journey was reminiscent of the continuation of a failed horror. One of the passengers who paid the deposit in advance refused to travel – the devil knows why. So I haven’t ridden yet yard so far and I was already short 175 pounds. Subsequently, between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. I have got terrible tiredness, really very, very strong. I was about to make an break every 20-30 minutes to try “restart” myself but that did not work, not at all. Finally, I decided to stop for 3-4 hours, try to sleep and hope for recovery.  After arriving in Dunkirk, UK Border officer asks us to park aside, pull over a passenger from my car to the immigration check, saying that he was forbidden to enter the UK, so he stayed in France. I brought the last passenger to Hemel Hempstead and after 54 hours I found myself at home, where I ‘died’ like for another 12 hours.

And it was the very last journey to Europe I drove. A many of illegal ‘taxi drivers’ from eastern EU countries were seen here in the UK  who offered service for a very low price which we – legal companies – couldn’t reach at all. But my company survived – that’s an important thing!