Before you go ahead with the booking, please pay attention to the next very important details to fully understand our pick-up and drop-off procedures.

Our service offer is simple: pay only for that service you really need it. 

For almost all airport transfers we do offer a free pick-up or free drop-off option – that’s the real thing that reduces the price for rides from the airports. You can check all these options here – just simply select the relevant airport and check it out. Then, when you are on the ride, tell the driver what option is the best for you.

Please remember: meet & greet service is NOT included in the price offered.

Our aim is to reduce potential fees the driver must pay at the airport (and which will be added to your final bill). For this reason, we do not wait for our customers inside the airport inside the arrival hall. You can find more details about the pick-up procedure on this page – click on the relevant airport to see all details.

Don’t be worried – our pick-up procedure is really very simple and easy! And – based on the feedback we taking from our clients – it works.

Please remember: every booking comes with one hour waiting time for free.

We do check real-time flight data, so we know real landing time -that’s the time when o’clock starts ticking. In case your way throughout the UKBA check and baggage reclaim hall is longer than expected, we do charge an extra waiting time fee of £10 per hour and relevant parking (gate exit) fee.

Some airports are not very “user friendly”.  for any case you are in doubt about where to go or what to do, ask us. It’s our job to help and make your journey safe and easy.

If you think you are lost at the airport, CALL US. If you think you are heading the wrong way to meet your driver, CALL US. If you think you will be delayed at the UKBA checkpoint, CALL US. That’s the Golden Rule: Do not be shy to ask for help.

All the airports have different fees. And – unfortunately – these fees rising up without further notice.

We do check airport parking fees, entry fees or gate exit fees very often. But sometimes happened the airport facility departments set the new fee within a very short time and with very short public notice. Please, do not blame Us – we are not happy as you are not happy too.

Please be aware: We do not accept cash payments at all.

As a modern, innovation-friendly company, we do offer to all our customers a wide range of payment methods they can use. Bank transfer, Invoice payments (Account rides…), PayPal payment, contactless in-car Google Pay and Apple Pay where the price is under £45 limit (check with your bank), in-car Credit or Debit card payment (contactless or verified with PIN). So you do not need to be worried about cash in your wallet.

Please remember: every passenger can carry only one XL luggage and one handbag.

If you would like to carry more than one piece of XL luggage, please call Us first to discuss this matter before the booking will be made – if 3 or 4 passengers travelling on the same ride,  four XL luggage (in the example) can be a real (and sometimes dangerous) challenge for the driver.

Please be aware: If a booking is made where the pick-up address or location is outside Christchurch borough, we may ask you to pay a non-refundable deposit of 30% of the fare agreed or full fare for the ride in advance.

The payment can be made via Bank transfer or PayPal payment only – we do not store and we do not collect any Debit or Credit card details.

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