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Please read our Terms and Conditions related with our Airport Transfers service, provided and managed by Christchurch Airport Transfers Limited, registered office at Basepoint Aviation business centre, Enterprise way, Bournemouth airport, BH23 6NX Christchurch, with Private Hire Operator licence number PO171, valid from 27th of June 2019 until 26th of June 2024.


  • As used, trade name ‘AT Holding’ means a definition of Airport Transfers Holding Limited (Person with Significant Control), a parent company of Christchurch Airport Transfers Limited.
  • As used, trade name ‘ATH Dorset’ (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram official profile page) ‘ATH-Dorset’ or ‘Service provider’ means the definition of Christchurch Airport Transfers Limited.
  • As used, the definition of ‘Customer’ means private – individual or business entity who realise booking related to services provided.
  • As used, ‘We’, ‘Our’, ‘Us’ means the definition of the service provider, Christchurch Airport Transfers Limited.


Booking can be made only as ‘pre-booked’ service via our website or mobile phone application. Any request for a direct-hire (street hail, taxi rank etc) is not allowed and will be strictly rejected by the driver. In an emergency, booking can be made over the phone as a pre-booked, during our working hours 0900-1800.


The customer can use our fully automated booking technology free of charge to arrange a booking for a journey. This service is accessible 24/7 on our website.


The Customer can use our mobile phone application (Android OS or IOS) as for free of charge to arrange a booking for the journey. This service is accessible 24/7.


The booking process is fully automated by the software used.


As a modern and innovative service provider, we accept all kind of payments: cash, debit/credit card payment or bank transfer. For bank transfer payment the price for service must be cleared to our bank account 24 hours before begining of the journey. Cash or card payments will be processed after journey finishes.

Payment via phone is not supported due to privacy policy reasons.

In many cases, we know airport parking fees and these are always included in the final price shown to the customer (i.e. Bournemouth airport parking fee). But in some cases, the price or parking procedure can be changed by the parking facility manager whereby we have no information about parking fee changes upfront. For this reason, the driver can add extra fee into the final bill, based on the receipt taken from the parking facility service manager. Driver must provide full and relevant details about any fee added manually into the final bill to the customer who will pay for service booked.


We, as a Private Hire service operator can refuse the booking or booking amendment:

  • When booking or booking change collide in time with another booking
  • When booking or booking amendment cause driver in risk due to lack of break required in accordance with industry regulation and legislation
  • When booking or booking amendment will collide in time with company requirement according to vehicle maintenance planned already in accordance with our Code of Practice and Health and Safety regulations and industry legislation
  • If the customer has been previously banned from our service

We will respond to any change made ASAP to discuss possibilities with the customer to do our best to resolve any conflict made by the booking or booking change.

The customer has rights to cancel booking any time.


We can decline a complete booking if we decide that booking made is suspected to be misused for criminal activity. In the same way, we will decline complete booking made if there will be a report from a driver that customer behaviour is inappropriate or if we decide that our driver is in danger caused by.

Please be aware: we have ‘zero-tolerance policy’ for any inappropriate behaviour.

In case of inappropriate behaviour, we can:

  • BAN the customer from current or any future service
  • Report any inappropriate behaviour to the relevant local council and/or Police department
  • Lock customer’s account on the website
  • Lock customer’s account in the mobile phone application.


Any complaint about service took shall be delivered to us through email or in the written only. We will not accept a complaint made over the phone.

Procedure to follow:

  1. The complaint shall be sent to the email address if the customer like use email communication, or
  2. The complaint shall be sent to the company office address in writing if the customer likes to use a procedure written in person. The address for communication in writing is Christchurch Airport Transfers Limited, Aviation Business Centre West, Enterprise Way, Christchurch BH23 6NX.
  3. The complaint must include:
    1. Full name of the person who complaining service, including contact details (full address and full telephone number in a format like +44 XXXX XXXXXX for a mobile phone or in the format +44 XXXX XXXXXX for land-line phone numbers)
    2. Booking reference number related with the incident happened
    3. A full description of the incident in details, including date and time.

The complaint of the service will be accepted only during the period of 28 days from the date when the incident happened. Any complaint made after this deadline will be declined automatically. Company reserves a period of 7 days for investigation. A result of the investigation of the complaint related we will respond to the customer in the same way as complaint have been received (email or written).

The customer has rights to appeal to against result of the complaint made. For this situation, we do reserve a time of 20 working days for the in-deep and detail-focused investigation to get a result of the appeal. We will respond to appeal in the same way as it was received. This process is called Escalation process.

The result of the Escalation process is final and cannot be against by another appeal made by the customer. The customer has rights to use the civil legal proceedings against our decision based on our Escalation process.

The customer can also complain about our service to the Licensing officer at Christchurch borough council.


All personal data are managed, stored and archived by booking software supplier. Our company doesn’t have any access to manage, download or amend these in any way.

The customer has rights to ask us to remove all personal data from the system used for no reason given. Application for data-removal will be forwarded to the software supplier within 24 hours when request received.

We never provide or share customer’s data stored with 3rd party providers or any other business entity, except reasonable request from Government entity (Police, HM Court etc.).


These Terms & Conditions are valid from 27th of June 2019.

These Terms & Conditions can be edited or changed at any time without prior notification.

These Terms & Conditions are under the copyright of the Airport Transfers Holding Limited (as a service delivery manager and franchise licence owner) and it’s subsidiary, Christchurch Airport Transfer Limited (as a service provider and franchise operator for Dorset county). Is strictly prohibited the use or copy these Terms & Conditions. Any unauthorised use will cause legal action applied by the copyright owner.

Christchurch, December 22nd, 2019