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Luton airport is located on the route between London and Milton Keynes. Luton airport is one of the most popular incoming destinations for travellers who use low-cost airlines to travel from/to England.

In this time, Luton airport is under ongoing upgrade of terminal and surrounding areas – this can be a bit difficult for travellers to find some facilities inside or outside main building. So let me guide you through.



Just look at the picture shown here: you can see Luton airport Terminal as one building, located straight beside BUS Terminal, which has been newly re-built last year (2018). Stay on BUS Terminal, face to the building, the departure hall is on your right-hand side, close to you. Arrival hall is located on your left-hand side, a bit far from Bus Terminal. Both entrance and exit from Terminal are very well signed so you shouldn’t be confused about where to go.

On the BUS Terminal, there are regular BUS services to/from the London and local services covering Luton town and surrounding areas. BUS stops A and B are used for free shuttle service between Mid stay car park (stop B) and Long stay car park (stop A). Short stay car park (multi-storey) and Priority drop-off/pick-up lanes are located side to side just 5 minutes away from the terminal and both facilities are clearly visible from the Terminal or BUS station.



Use to the entrance to the departure hall you will see as a first Fast-track lane for all travellers who are eligible to use it. You have to check availability for this service with your airline who sold a ticket to you. Usually, the traveller can add this service as an extra option during booking for a small fee. You can use this lane as well if you are travelling with the hand-bag only and you already finished your on-line check-in.

The next part of the departure hall you will see is a check-in hall with check-in desks and rest-room facilities. Inside departure hall, there are not any refreshment facilities accessible.

On the end of the departure hall traveller has access to step-up to the hall where airport security check is located. Just remember: when you pass through the security check, you will be not able to go back to the departure hall or outside to the Terminal.


You can simply access to the arrival hall through the same entrance as for departure hall. Just turn to the left around Fast-track lane then you will see arrival hall.

There you can find refreshment facilities available to make your time more comfortable during the time if you have to wait there to your relatives or clients.

The rest-room was not accessible there in arrival hall (January 2019) but developer promise open it early this spring (2019).

If you have bought our Meet & Greet service, driver will awaiting you front of the Pret a Manger store (as pictured). If you received an message that our driver will arrive later (i.e. because of traffic circumstances), then please feel free to seat down, we will find you no doubt!


Be aware that there is no free access for drop-off or pick-up close to the Terminal. Travellers can use only Priority pick-up/drop-off lanes located beside multi-storey Short stay car park or on Shot stay car park facilities. Both are paid, unfortunately.


Located just five minutes away from the Terminal, priority lanes are the first option where travellers can arrange drop-off or pick-up service. A fee £3.60 must be paid on exit gate. This fee covers only first 10 minutes with £1 fee per minute thereafter. It’s very important to arrange pick-up or drop-off service carefully to avoid any unwanted service price change.

Short stay car park (multi-storey) is a second option for pick-up or drop-off service, also paid. Located in the same place as Priority lanes, there is a fee £8.50p covers the first 30 minutes with £1.30p per minute thereafter.

Short stay car park is the best option for all travellers who want to stay dry when the weather is not friendly. And again – it’s necessary to arrange pick-up or drop-off service carefully to avoid unwanted service price change.


Long stay car park is the best option for pick-up or drop-off service. There is 2 hours free (no fee) parking for everyone so usually we recommend to all our clients to arrange pick-up or drop-off service there to avoid our service price increase.

Our clients can use free shuttle service from the Terminal which operating 24/7, every 15 minutes. The best place where we can meet our clients is in the car park stop 3. But no worries: you can hop-off anywhere and ring to the driver what stop you are on. A driver will pick you up within a minute.


It’s important to know that busiest time ever for this airport is in the morning, between 0530 and 0700. During this very busy time, we are facing a long queue on the main dual carriageway, every single day. This is a reason why our journey is always arranged as longer by 30 minutes in the morning.

Rest of the day the traffic is average, so we do not need to arrange any extra time for our journey to the airport.

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